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What Does Library Leadership Look Like?


In most cases, leadership will look the same no matter what industry you find yourself in. However, there are some slight differences between varying fields. For instance, some leaders may have to take more hands-on roles than others. In the library industry especially, leadership is a sought-after skill in many candidates and existing employees. What exactly does library leadership look like, though? 

Commitment to Their Work

Despite what some people may believe about libraries, the daily life of a library leader is often very busy. What keeps these leaders going each day is their commitment to their work, no matter how tiring it can become. Any leader should have a special dedication to their work, but library leaders especially need to stay dedicated to their work. As the world becomes more digital, it is more important than ever for these individuals to reimagine how their establishment can continue being the cornerstone of their community.

Innovative Techniques

There is a reason libraries continue to exist among the digital world. The internet has been in existence for quite some time now and may have tempted many individuals to discontinue their use of libraries. However, libraries are still standing strong amongst this competition, and this is largely due to the innovative leadership qualities of their management teams. Wanting to keep the magic of libraries alive, library leaders have had to creatively seek out ways to spark interest in what they offer while also keeping up with digital trends. Because of the innovative techniques poured out by library leaders, libraries have found a way to compete with new technologies while also keeping their timeless appeal for the oldies at heart.

Community Involvement

One of the biggest ways that library leadership stands out from other types of business leaders is their community involvement. Libraries have always been an integral part of their communities. They’ve been a place for parents to spend time with their children, for students to grab research materials, for at-risk youth to find a safe space, and so much more. Libraries have always hosted incredible learning opportunities and community outreach programs. While many other business leaders consider becoming involved in the community in small ways, library leadership constantly requires a steady involvement with the community. This intentional approach is what is sought out in many library leaders and employees in order to maintain the library’s ability to empower others and change lives.

By Kathy Husser (Tempe)

Kathy Husser is a Tempe librarian and educator who enjoys travel and learning about our global cultures. With post pandemic traveling open up more and more, Kathy wants to share resources for family friendly getaways and fun trips to meet your vacation needs. She enjoys gardening, the outdoors and cooking too!