Kathy’s Career Experience


Kathy Husser is experienced in a full range of senior level  administration roles.  As the Community Services Deputy Director in Tempe, Kathy managed over 50 employees and was responsible for a $3.5 million operating budget. Over the past 23 years, Kathy has fostered positive service improvements, professional growth for colleagues, and achieved sustainable results for customers.

With the Board’s approval, Kathy and her team produced two viable strategic plans and was awarded numerous grants to assist Arizona residents. Her talents were used for rebranding the library’s website in 2018,  increasing access by 35%. Kathy’s dedication to her profession resulted in being one of only three systems nationwide to be nominated for the Institute of Museum and Library Services National Medal from Arizona in the past 25 years. This is the highest honor in the library and museum fields.

In Kathy’s prior roles, she managed Phoenix’s systemwide programs and major cultural and training events for 18 locations. Her duties included hiring, training staff, and working with community organizations to ensure access and technology improvements. Kathy is highly experienced in complex human resource issues, contract negotiations, and volunteer management.

Kathy earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business/Consumer Service from Arizona State University, in Tempe.  After working in the private sector, she earned her Master’s in Information Science from the University of Arizona, in Tucson. Kathy Husser has been active in Arizona organizations relating to economic development and educational issues for years to help Arizona residents.

Kathy is active in the American Library Association since 2006. Other notable memberships include the Public Library Association, United Way, and the Arizona Library Association. As the Arizona Library Legislative Chair, which she held for three years, she represented the Arizona State Library in Washington. In addition, Kathy spent years serving on civic boards to assist with program funding and coordinate conference and public program development.

Throughout her career, Kathy has focused her efforts on community-specific needs. She has experience writing and facilitating grant projects benefitting homeless populations, our veterans, seniors and teens. Her most recent projects include the Book Bike in Tempe. The project was sponsored by the Arizona State Library and Federal funds. Kathy is experienced in project management and end to end coordination of large scale events and programs.

In addition to her fundraising work, Kathy is a notable public speaker. She has presented to large groups at the Phoenix Convention Center and hosted smaller groups in classroom settings. She has teaching and mentoring experience stemming from her lifelong career in business and libraries. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with new managers, colleagues, and other Arizona administrators across the state.

Kathy remains passionate about helping her community, and living a balanced, happy life full of gratitude.  She believes kindness, trust, and values are important as leaders, and people in general, navigate during uncertainty and changing times.

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