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Keys to Success

Are you stuck and just can’t seem to reach your goals? Do you feel overwhelmed and can’t move forward? Here are a few proven keys to success to reach your potential and goals. Let’s do this.  Life’s too short not to be all you can be!

See the Successful Moment

Research has proven that visualizing your success in your mind’s eye is key to getting there. What I’m talking about it is keeping your focus on the task or objectives to achieve to your goal. Just like the sprinter or skier can “see” themselves winning the race, you can too. Think about the steps needed to reach a successful goal and see yourself reaching it. It’s really that easy.

Keeping Emotions in Check

Another key to visualizing success is to keep your emotions in check. Just like overconfident athletes or celebrities have done, don’t celebrate BEFORE your win. Keeping a cool, calm head during a situation is the best path for a successful outcome.

Keeping your focus and a calm demeanor will take you much farther toward achieving your goals. It also keeps you resilient if things don’t go your way.  Finally, if I could only offer two tips, it would be focus and regulating your emotions for effective performance.


In addition, finding a trusted mentor along the way for support is also important. Having feedback from another expert in your field or sport is very valuable for implementation and achievement. The integrity of your mentor and the relationship you have with them is also very valuable.

Be leery of people wanting to get too close to you too soon. You will know the right mentor and find a common connection easily. Your conversations should be natural, and there should be “give and take” for a mutually beneficially mentorship.

Find an Outlet

Just like star athletes need down time, so do you! Don’t allow work or other professional interests to rule your life. You need balance. Finding an outlet to relieve stress from your day-to-day work or training is very important. For example, a pet, a hobby, or other passion project will provide necessary balance in your life. Balance allows your mind freedom to wonder and “take a break” to rest up for the next challenge.

Using these techniques to visualize and achieve your goals is not easy. However, practiced every day, it’s very doable! Follow me for  more career and lifestyle advice at: